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Dwayne Sparks - Lead Pastor
Dwayne Sparks became the Pastor of The Pentecostals of Hohenwald in 1999. Since then, he has served as lead pastor. Dwayne is married to his wife, Dianne.

Jonathan Sparks - Assistant Pastor
Jonathan Sparks joined the Pentecostals of Hohenwald leadership team in 2010 as the assistant pastor. Jonathan, along side his wife, Melissa, are also the Student Pastors.

Candace Self - Ladies Leader

Candace Self became the ladies' leader for The Pentecostals of Hohenwald back in 2016 she has served in many roles. Candace is married to her husband Charlie, who serves on our Ministerial Staff.


Gabriel Cuevas - Music Directors

Gabriel Cuevas joined the Pentecostals of Hohenwald leadership team in 2012. Gabriel has been made music a top priority since he was 4 years old.


Madeline Sparks - Music Coordinator

After an internship in 2018, Madeline Sparks joined The Pentecostals of Hohenwald in 2019. She studied her bachelor in Music and Art from Texas Bible College. She has served in the Music Department for 14 years.

Gregory & Malinda Sparks - Directors of Kids Ministry
Gregory Sparks joined the Pentecostals of Hohenwald leadership team in 2016 as the Director of Kids Ministry. Gregory has been working with kids since 2006. Malinda has been apart of Children's Ministry since 2020.

Jeremiah Sparks - Creative Director
Jeremiah became our Creative Director in 2023. He has been in Media Ministry since 2020. Jeremiah also sings on the Praise Team.

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